Oregon Child Support Program

Oregon Child Support System Project

Oregon’s current child support system remains completely federally certified and operates in compliance with state laws and regulations. It is aged, though—one of the oldest in the nation. The system still uses applications designed in the 1970s, creating significant challenges in delivering services to families in the 21st century.

The solution? Improve our technology, which in turn, improves the efficiency and effectiveness of our workers to provide the best possible service to Oregon families. After several years of careful planning and preparation, we took a major step toward achieving this goal in October 2015 with the official kickoff of the Oregon Child Support System Project. Work is proceeding as Child Support Program staff collaborate with contractors to develop a state-of-the-art computer system.

With the design of the new system well underway, we have several major milestones on the horizon. Later this year, we’ll begin construction. After the new system is built, and we’ve thoroughly tested it, we anticipate the first phase of the new system roll-out will begin in late 2018.

The Oregon Child Support System Project is taking advantage of the latest computer technology and software trends. Ultimately, it will allow our staff to spend less time maneuvering in an outdated computer system and more time efficiently and effectively working directly with the nearly 250,000 families who use our services.

Oregon Child Support Program System Project Timeline 

Oregon Child Support System Project Timeline