Oregon Child Support Program

Child Attending School

Children at least 18 and under 21 and attending school may be entitled to receive child support payments from their parent(s) if there is a current support order.

The following requirements (as defined in ORS 107.108 and OAR 137-055-5110) must be met before we provide services:

  • There must be a current child support order or judgment providing for the support
  • The judgment must not be fully satisfied in the court records
  • The child must not be emancipated (married, active military, legally emancipated)
  • The child support order or judgment providing for the support of the child must have "child attending school" or ORS 107.108 language

Child attending school laws are different for each state and not all states allow for support to continue after the age of 18. Eligibility to continue receiving support depends on the laws of the state where the child support order was originally created. This is true even if Oregon has revised or modified the other state’s order.

If your order was created in a state other than Oregon and you need to see that state's requirements, please go to Intergovernmental Reference Guide.

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