Oregon Child Support Program

Establish an Order for Child Support

Establishing paternity is the legal term for determining the biological father of the child. Before an order for child support can be established, paternity must be established. See Establish Paternity for more information.

If paternity is not an issue, the first step in establishing a child support order is to determine the amount of child and medical support to be paid.

This is determined by the Oregon Child Support Guidelines: OAR 137-050-0700 through 137-050-0765. These guidelines are approved by legislation and are used in all child support cases. The guidelines have one purpose: To determine how much money each parent should contribute for the care of their child.

The guidelines are based on an income-share formula, in which the incomes of both parents are considered. The guidelines also take other expenses into account, such as the amount of time the child or children spend with each parent, child care, medical insurance, and other children the parents are supporting.

Child Support orders will generally include a provision for health coverage or cash medical support. See Medical Support for more information.

Both parents may consent to child support. This means both parents agree to the amount of support each parent is responsible for based on the guidelines. If either parent does not agree on the amount of support payments, a hearing may be requested. A hearing may be requested and an Administrative Law Judge will make a determination on the appropriate amount for support payments. Learn more about the Administrative Hearing Process.

To estimate how much child support payments may be, the Oregon Child Support Program has created an on-line calculator that uses the Oregon Child Support Guidelines.

For more information see Steps to Establishing a New Order for Child Support or contact your local child support office.

Apply Now Child Support - This application is for parents to set-up a child support order. However, before the custodial parent can begin to receive payments other steps may need to be taken (i.e. paternity establishment, locating the other parent etc.). Once you submit this application a child support caseworker will be in contact to help you through any additional steps based on you and your family's needs.