Oregon Child Support Program

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Child support services are available to both custodial and non-custodial parents. Even if the other parent is living in another state, you can apply for services in Oregon (see Interstate Child Support Cases for more information). Caretakers or relatives who have physical custody of a child may also be entitled to child support services.

The Child Support Program may be able to provide assistance with the following services:

  • Establishing paternity (who the child's biological father is)

  • Finding the non-custodial parent

  • Establishing a child support order or making changes to an existing support order

  • Coordinating health care coverage for a child

  • Determining the amount of past due child support

  • Collecting child support payments

  • Collecting spousal support payments when spousal support is part of a child support order

To apply for child support services, you can contact your local child support office or fill out the application forms online. You will need to print and send us the completed forms. There is a one-time fee of $1.00 for this service. The fee will be deducted from the first money we collect.


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Full Child Support Services - This application is for parents to set-up a new child support order, enforce an existing order, or to modify an existing order.

Before the custodial parent can begin to receive payments, other steps may need to be taken (such as paternity establishment, locating the other parent, etc.). Once you submit this application a child support caseworker will be in contact to help you through any additional steps based on you and your family's needs (see Establish an Order for Child Support, Enforcement, or Modify an Order).

spanishSolicitud de Servicios para Manutención de Hijos


Apply Now Paternity Establishment Only - This application is for parents who only wish to place a child's biological father on the child's birth certificate and are not seeking additional child support services (see Establish Paternity).

spanishSolicitud para Establecer Paternidad Únicamente 


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Support for a Child Attending School - If you are a Child Attending School (beyond high school) and you wish to receive child support from your parent(s), visit Child Attending School to apply online.