Oregon Child Support Program

Child Support Overpayments

​An overpayment is created when the Child Support Program sends money to an individual, and:

  • the Program discovers that the funds were sent in error, or
  • the funds were later reversed from the Program either through notice of a dishonored payment or by the Internal Revenue Service

To make a payment, you will need:

  • The overpayment (OVP) account number – number located on the letter you received
    • The overpayment number is ten digits long and begins with a “9”
  • If you want the payment distributed to multiple overpayment accounts, please include all of the pertinent information for each overpayment account

Send payments by check or money order to:

Division of Child Support
Attn: Overpayments
PO Box 14320
Salem, OR 97309-5048

Pay with cash or check in person at:

Division of Child Support
4600 25th Ave. NE, Suite 180
Salem, OR 97301
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Pay by Credit/Debit Card 

Child Support Overpayment FAQs

For questions, please contact us at: ChildSupportOverpayments@doj.state.or.us

Rules and Laws:

  • OAR 137-055-6220 (Recovery of Overpayments on Support Accounts)
  • ORS 25.125 (Disposition of Support Obligation Overpayments)
  • ORS 183.484 (Jurisdiction for Review of Orders Other Than Contested Cases)
  • ORS 293.231 (Collection of Liquidated and Delinquent Accounts by Private Collection Agency or Department of Revenue)