Oregon Child Support Program

Safety Information for Custodial Parents and Caretakers

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You have indicated that you are a custodial parent or caretaker with concerns for your safety. If you or your children are in an unsafe situation, the Oregon Child Support Program can take one of the following precautions to protect you while continuing to provide services that ensure your children have the support they need to grow and thrive.

If you wish to seek child support safely you can apply for a "Claim of Risk": 

Apply NowClaim of Risk - Your personal information is confidential when it's in child support records. However, documents sent to the other parent, other party, or filed in court may include your address and other personal information and could help someone find you. If you think you or the child could be harmed, you can ask to keep your personal information protected while the Oregon Child Support Program helps you get child and medical support. 

If you do not wish to seek child support because doing so may be unsafe for you or your family, you can apply for "Good Cause": 

Apply NowGood Cause - If it is not safe at all to pursue support or to establish a legal father for the child, you can ask the Oregon Child Support Program not to work your case. You may qualify for Good Cause if any of these situations applies to you:

  • helping the Division of Child Support or the District Attorney could bring harm to you or the child;
  • the child was born following incest or rape; or
  • you are working with a public or private social agency to help you decide about adoption. 

For more information about Claim of Risk or Good Cause, please contact your local child support office.

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