Oregon Child Support Program

Child Support Guidelines and Calculations

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If you have a question regarding the guidelines,
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Child Support Guidelines
Effective July 1, 2013

The child support guidelines are the basis for establishing just and appropriate child support obligations that provide for Oregon's families and children. With the help of the Guidelines Advisory Committee, the Oregon Child Support Program recently completed a review of and update to its child support guidelines. You can find more information about that process and the recommendations here. The new guidelines are clearer and provide more balance in calculating child support obligations.

After extensive work following the review, effective July 1, 2013, the Program is rolling out the new guidelines rules and the tools that help you apply the rules and calculate child support. The administrative rules for the guidelines (OAR 137-050-0700 through 137-050-0765), the child support calculator, and other tools have been updated to reflect the changes. The guidelines rules are now available with commentary to help explain and illustrate the rules. You’ll find the new calculator more user-friendly, along with the Excel version. Some features and resources will develop over time, such as the frequently asked questions (FAQs).


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