Oregon Child Support Program

Income Withholding and Methods of Payment

Employers now have the convenient, secure and easy option of receiving and responding to income withholding orders online using the Oregon Employer Services Portal. To start the registration process, click the New Users REGISTER button at https://employerportal.oregonchildsupport.gov/.

In Oregon, most child support collections are made through income withholding. This is true even if the employee has never missed a payment. An income withholding order is effective the same day it is received and withholding begins at the next pay period. Payments must be submitted to the Division of Child Support within 7 working days of the pay date. Unless granted an exception or does not meet criteria, employers are required to make income withholding payments electronically to the Oregon Child Support Program by using one of the following options:

Oregon Employer Services Portal - Offers a free, secure, web-based debit transaction, authorizing the Division of Child Support to debit the employer’s bank account for child support payments when an authorized user submits a payment. Learn more about the Oregon Employer Services Portal.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit Transfer - Essentially a bank-to-bank transaction between the employer and the Oregon Child Support Program. Financial institutions may charge a fee when using this ACH option. Learn more about ACH Credit Payments.

Note: Electronic payments do not recur automatically. Employers must initiate a payment every pay period.

If you have any other questions regarding the ACH Credit or Debit process, please contact us or see Frequently Asked Questions about Income Withholding.